The herd, consisting of both Pedigree and Non Pedigree Simmental cattle, at Bowley Court Farms owes its roots and its excellent reputation to Charles Mercer.

Simmentals at Bowley Court Farms

We aim to keep the management of the cattle very simple. 


We try to keep the animals as quiet as possible without too much handling and moving as to avoid knocking them about. All of the fatted cattle are sold to Anglo Beef Processors, with minimum stress during transit to produce the highest quality meat. None of the animals are sold at market, which again reduces the stress.

The herd is FABBL assured, and there are  400 cows in the suckler herd, which will calve from March to May, with bull calves left entire and finished on a semi-intensive system at 14-15 months.  Heifers that are not required are either sold  privately as bulling heifers or finished on the farm, with those kept for breeding calved at two years old. 

Any enquiries regarding the cattle please contact Charles Mercer on 01568 797666